1 sth that you feel/sense

Rielle had an overwhelming feeling of guilt.

definite, distinct
nagging, sneaking, sneaky, vague

I had a nagging feeling that I had forgotten something.

amazing, awesome (informal, esp. AmE), glorious, good, great, incredible, marvellous/marvelous, nice, pleasant, warm, wonderful

It was a good feeling to be arriving home again.


It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to hear him say that.

awful, bad, horrible, nasty, queasy, sick, sickening, sinking, terrible, tight

He suddenly had a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

I have a tight feeling in my stomach.


the painful feeling in his gut

creepy (informal), uncomfortable, uneasy

She gives me this creepy feeling.

empty, hollow
curious, eerie, funny, odd, peculiar, strange, weird

I started to get a familiar feeling in my stomach.

gut, instinctive

My gut feeling was that we couldn't trust her.

general, popular, public, widespread

The general feeling of the meeting was against the decision.

nationalist, patriotic

There's a great patriotic feeling in the country.

experience, feel, get, have

He felt a wonderful warm feeling come over him.

Do you get the feeling that we're not welcome here?

give sb, leave sb with

She was left with the feeling that he did not care.


I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with him.

know (informal)

‘I really resent the way he treated me.’ ‘I know the feeling (= I know how you feel).’

arouse, evoke, inspire

a case that has aroused strong public feeling


She ignored the queasy feeling in her stomach.

enjoy, like, love

She loved the feeling of being close to him.


I hated the feeling of uncertainty.

come over sb, creep over sb
be mutual

‘I'm going to miss you.’ ‘The feeling's mutual (= I feel exactly the same).’

feeling about

I had a feeling about that place.

feeling of

a feeling of excitement

2 feelings opinions/emotions/love
deep, intense, strong
ambivalent, mixed

I had mixed feelings about meeting them again.


a sweet old man with genuine feelings for Virginia

positive, tender, warm
bad, hostile, ill, negative
hurt, injured (esp. BrE)

I don't have those guilt feelings any more.

inner, innermost, real, true

She could finally release her pent-up feelings.


I can bring out Aminta's romantic feelings.

experience, harbour/harbor, have, suffer

She experienced a whole range of feelings.

He still harboured/harbored feelings of resentment.

She was lucky that she had suffered no more than hurt feelings.


They begin to develop feelings for one another.

admit, confess, express, give vent to, let out, release, reveal, show, vent, voice

Heather is slowly admitting her feelings.

He finds it difficult to express his feelings.

I finally gave vent to my feelings and started yelling at him.

He wanted just to be able to let his feelings out.

articulate, convey, describe, discuss, explain, talk about

We discussed our innermost feelings.

capture, reflect

Her poems reflected her personal feelings.

bottle up, bury, deny, fight, fight back, hide, hold back, keep to yourself, mask, repress, suppress

I fought back my feelings of jealousy.

I kept my feelings to myself.

She tried to hide her true feelings.


I tried to ignore my irrational feelings of jealousy.


I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings.


We didn't tell Jane because we wanted to spare her feelings.

arouse, engender, evoke, inspire

The debate aroused strong feelings on both sides.


It was the practical aspect of life that heightened her feelings of loneliness and loss.

sort out, understand
reciprocate, return

Although she did not reciprocate his feelings, she did not discourage him.


He had never been one to share his feelings.

sweep over sb, wash over sb, well up inside sb
run high (esp. BrE)

Feelings were running high as the meeting continued.

feeling about

I don't have any strong feelings about it one way or the other.

feeling for

She still had a lot of feelings for David.

It makes no difference to my feelings for you.

feeling of

his feelings of grief

He was determined to banish all feelings of guilt.

feeling on

I have mixed feelings on that.

What are your feelings on this issue?

feeling towards/toward

her feelings of anger towards/toward him

no hard feelings (informal)

Someone has to lose. No hard feelings, eh?

3 understanding/sensitivity/sympathy
great, wonderful

What I love about this book is its genuine feeling for people.


You have no feeling for the sufferings of others.


He had developed a feeling for when not to disturb her.

with feeling

She spoke with feeling about the plight of the homeless.

feeling for

She has a wonderful feeling for texture.

4 (also feelings esp. in AmE) anger
bad, ill
cause, create, lead to
stir up
feeling against

Their aim was to stir up feeling/feelings against the war.

feeling between

I don't want any bad feeling/feelings between us.

5 ability to feel physically
feeling in

After the accident he lost all feeling in his legs.

6 atmosphere
create, recreate

They have managed to recreate the feeling of the original building.

feeling of

The drink gave me a feeling of confidence.

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