bitter, fierce, hard, heavy, intense, serious
continued, continuing
fresh (esp. BrE), renewed

The sword and mace were the preferred weapons for hand-to-hand fighting.

house-to-house, street, urban
end, halt, stop

The talks are intended to end the fighting.

take part in

The conspirators took no part in the fighting which ensued.

be killed in, die in
escape, flee

refugees fleeing the fighting

take place
begin, break out, erupt, flare, start

Fierce fighting broke out among the refugees.

ensue, follow
continue, go on

For nearly two months the fighting raged.

die away, die down, diminish

Even if the fighting dies down, no answer is in sight to the political crisis.

cease, end, stop
during the fighting, in the fighting

He was badly wounded during the fighting.

fighting between

There has been renewed fighting between the government forces and the rebels.

do the/sb's fighting

He prefers others to do the fighting for him.

a lull in the fighting
Fighting is used with these adjectives: ↑fit

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