1 (AmE usually financing) money needed to fund sth
cheap (= borrowed at low interest)
additional, extra (BrE), further (BrE)

the need to obtain additional finance

long-term, medium-term, short-term
private, public
private-sector, public-sector
bridging (BrE)

You may require bridging finance until the sale of your own property is completed.

debt, loan (esp. BrE)

the availability of bank finance for small businesses

housing, mortgage, real estate (AmE)
allocate, provide
need, require
be available

the finance available to local government

arrange, get, obtain, raise

She struggled to get the necessary finance for her training.

company, house (BrE)
industry, sector

The banking and finance sector was booming.

finance for (esp. BrE)

Several banks are providing finance for the project.

a source of finance
2 managing money

the world of high finance (= finance involving large companies or countries)

company, corporate
government, local-government, public, state
consumer, personal

that most emotive of personal finance issues—taxation

global, international
director, minister, officer

Local government finance officers found the tax very difficult to administer.

committee, department
3 finances money available
healthy, sound (both esp. BrE)

Our family finances are not very healthy at the moment.


The company's finances are looking a little precarious.

government, public, state
family, household, personal, private
campaign (AmE)

We don't have the finances to throw a big party.

control, deal with, handle, manage, plan, run

how to plan your finances for a comfortable retirement

get in order, keep in order, sort out (esp. BrE)

The company was under pressure to get its finances in order.

bolster (esp. AmE), boost (esp. BrE), improve
be a drain on, put a strain on, strain, stretch (esp. BrE)

Buying a new car need not put a strain on your finances.

be a mess (esp. AmE), be in a mess (esp. BrE)

Their finances are (in) a mess.

the state of sb's finances
entirely, wholly
largely, mainly
partially, partly
privately, publicly

The new roads will be financed privately.


The project was financed jointly by the British and French governments.

properly (esp. BrE), well

the introduction of a properly financed system

help (to)
be needed to, be required to

the money needed to finance the redevelopment

be used to
Finance is used with these nouns as the object: ↑campaign, ↑deficit, ↑development, ↑education, ↑expansion, ↑expedition, ↑expenditure, health service, ↑import, ↑programme, ↑project, ↑retirement, ↑scheme, ↑spending, ↑venture

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