1 (usually findings) result of research into sth
important, key, significant

I'll now summarize the key findings from these studies.

striking, surprising, unexpected
early, initial, original
interim, preliminary

He will present his preliminary findings at the conference.

new, recent

The original results conflict with more recent findings.

empirical, experimental
research, study, survey
record, write up

Students were asked to write up their findings in the form of a report.

announce, give, present, publish, report

The findings of the commission have not yet been made public.

They will present their findings to senior police officers.

make public, release, reveal
explain, interpret
comment on, discuss
confirm, corroborate, support

UN official reports supported the preliminary findings.


Scientists have challenged the findings of the researchers.

be based on sth

The findings are based on interviews with more than 2 000 people.

relate to sth

Our findings relate to physically rather than visually handicapped students.

apply to sth

The findings from the case study school may apply to schools elsewhere.

demonstrate sth, reveal sth, show sth

Our findings point to a lack of training among social services staff.

imply sth, indicate sth, point to sth, point towards/toward sth, suggest sth
agree with sth, be consistent with sth, be in agreement with sth, be in line with sth, confirm sth, support sth

Our recent findings are in line with those of an earlier study.

conflict (with sth), contradict sth
lead to sth

The findings led to the conclusion that … 

provide sth

The research findings will provide practical assistance for teachers.

be made

Similar findings were made in Spain.


Similar findings emerged from a later experiment.

finding about

recent scientific findings about sleep patterns

finding for

The findings for one group can be applied to the others.

finding from

findings from a recent research project

finding on

newly published findings on the depopulation of the countryside

2 decision by a court

The facts of this case do not justify a finding of negligence.


The appeal court upheld a finding that the agreement was unlawful.

finding against

a finding against him by the commission

finding in favour/favor of

The court made a finding in favour/favor of the defendant.

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