first, index, pointer (AmE)
ring, third, wedding

I noticed the ring on the third finger of her left hand.

little, pinky (AmE)
broken, dislocated, injured, severed
accusatory, accusing, warning

The teacher raised a warning finger and we stopped talking.

delicate, elegant, graceful, slender, slim
bony, lean, skeletal, skinny, thin
chubby, fat, plump, podgy (BrE), pudgy, stubby
calloused/callused, clawed, gnarled

She took off his bandages with gentle fingers.

capable, deft, nimble, skilful/skillful, skilled

Her nimble fingers undid the knot in seconds.

nervous, numb
shaking, shaky, trembling

His clumsy fingers struggled with the buttons.

cold, frozen, icy
extended, outstretched
dirty, filthy, grubby, sticky

‘It was them!’ she cried, pointing an accusing finger at the boys.

The investigators pointed the finger of blame at the driver of the crashed bus. (figurative)


The man drew a finger across his throat in a threatening gesture.

insert, jam, poke, put, shove, stick, thrust

Everyone put their fingers in their ears when the shooting started.

jab, stab

The protester was jabbing a finger aggressively at a policeman.

entwine, interlace, intertwine, lace, thread

He gently laced his fingers between mine.


She hooked her fingers in the belt loop of his jeans.

hold up, raise

She raised a finger to her lips to ask for silence.

wag, waggle, wave, wiggle

‘None of that!’ cried the teacher, wagging her finger.


Dad started twiddling his fingers nervously.


I dipped my finger in the sauce and licked it.

run, trace, trail

She ran her finger along the dusty shelf.

Sally trailed her fingers in the water idly.

drum, tap

He was drumming his fingers nervously on the arm of the chair.

click, snap

We were swaying and clicking our fingers in time to the music.

He snapped his fingers and the waiter came running.

shut, trap

The child needed treatment after trapping her finger in the car door.

cut, slice
break, dislocate

He crooked a finger to tell us to go over to him.

clench, close, curl

Tina curled her slender fingers into a fist.

extend, spread, stretch, stretch out

He held up his hand with the fingers extended.


The nurse pricked my finger to get some blood.

bones, joints
with your fingers

It's easiest to eat corn with your fingers.

the finger of blame, the finger of fate, the finger of suspicion (all figurative)

The finger of suspicion was pointed at the construction company.

the tips of the fingers
Finger is used with these nouns as the object: ↑chin

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