balled (esp. AmE), clenched, closed, tight
little, small, tiny
giant, huge, large, massive

He was punching the man with his bare fists.

left, right

I managed to duck his flying fists.


Diago pounded an angry fist against the wall.

form, make

He closed his fingers to form a fist.

ball (esp. AmE), clench, close, tighten
unclench, uncurl
bang, beat, hit, plant, pound, punch, slam, smack, smash, strike, thump

He banged his fist loudly on the table.

He punched his fist in the air.

drive, ram, shove, throw, thrust

He thrust his fist forward and smashed her face.

shake, wave

The man was shaking his fist at us through the window.


‘Yeah, you did it!’ Sally said, pumping her fist in the air.

lift, raise

She raised her fist in a gesture of defiance.


He swung his fists wildly at his attacker's head.

bring back, draw back, pull back

She drew back her fist and threw a punch at his nose.


Cailean was tired of using his fists to get everything he wanted.

ball, clench, curl, tighten

She saw Joe's fists clench.

collide with sth, connect with sth, hit sth, strike sth

He felt Michelle's fist connect with his jaw.

pound (sth), slam (sth), smash (sth)

A fist slammed on the table in front of her.


His fist landed forcefully against Mike's jaw.


She ran at him, her fists flying.

in your fist

She was holding a hammer in her fist.

clench your hand into a fist

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