1 hot bright stream of fire
dancing, flickering, leaping
naked (BrE), open (AmE)

pork cooked over an open flame

Never smoke near a naked flame.

candle, gas
ball, sheet, tongue

The plane crashed in a ball of flames.

Sheets of flame shot into the air.

ignite, light, spark (often figurative)

His childhood interest in the game had ignited a flame of passion for football.

rekindle (often figurative)

They tried to rekindle the flames of romance.

blow out, extinguish, snuff, snuff out
feel (often figurative)

She felt a flame of anger flicker and grow.

burn, crackle

The flame burned brightly.

die, go out

The candle flame flickered and went out.

leap, rise, shoot

Flames leaped from the burning house.

Flames shot high into the air.

lick (sth)

Orange flames were already licking around the foot of the stairs.

dance, flicker

Flames danced in the gas lantern.

the crackle of flames
2 flames fire
blazing, burning, crackling, roaring
be engulfed in
go up in

All the historical records have gone up in flames (= have been destroyed by fire).

burst into, erupt in, explode in, explode into

The helicopter burst into flames.

fuel (often figurative)

Ethnic tensions helped fuel the flames of civil war.

Oxygen tanks helped fuel the flames.

fan, feed, stoke

Winds fanned the flames.


He fought the flames for two hours.


Firefighters have been trying to control the flames.

douse, extinguish, put out, quench, smother

Men came with buckets of water and began to douse the flames.

be beaten back by

They tried to get into to the house but were beaten back by the flames.

die down
spread, sweep through sth

They watched the flames sweep through the old wooden barn.

burst from sth, erupt from sth
consume sth, engulf sth

The flames quickly spread and engulfed their home.

light sth, light sth up

The flames lit up the skyline.

in flames

A large part of the building was in flames.

The aircraft was shot down in flames.

Flame is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑cheek, ↑face

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