considerable, great

German workers accept the need for greater flexibility in the face of global competition.

added, additional, extra, increased, more
enough, sufficient

Management systems can be built that increase operational flexibility.

labour/labor, market

The work involves a considerable degree of flexibility.


You have considerable flexibility in this job and can choose how to do things.

demonstrate, show
maintain, retain
bring (sb/sth), give (sb/sth), introduce, provide (sb/sth with)

The new range of machines will bring flexibility to your business computing.

allow (sb/sth), offer (sb/sth), permit

The courses are designed to allow maximum flexibility.

improve, increase

The treatment increased the flexibility of her muscles.


an initiative to encourage greater flexibility in teaching and learning

need, require
flexibility in

This will give schools greater flexibility in their use of resources.

flexibility over

flexibility over the deadline

a need for flexibility

There is a need for greater flexibility in the way the network is managed.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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