1 large amount of water
catastrophic, devastating, great, severe
spring, summer, etc.

Heavy rainfall in the mountains caused the floods.


No one knew that the flood was coming.

hit sth, strike sth

This summer the region was struck by devastating floods.

inundate sth

The fields were inundated by heavy floods.

cause sth

The flood caused widespread destruction.


The floods are slowly subsiding.

water (usually floodwater or floodwaters)

The floodwaters did not begin to recede until September.

alert (BrE), warning
control, defence/defense, prevention, protection, relief
be in (full) flood (esp. BrE)

The river was in full flood (= had flooded its banks).

2 large number/amount
inundate sb/sth

She was inundated by floods of fan mail.

bring, cause
release, unleash
flood of

a great flood of refugees

a flood of memories (esp. AmE)

Writing about St. John's brings back a flood of nostalgic memories.

in floods of tears (= crying a lot)

The little girl was in floods of tears.

be liable to

The area near the river is liable to flood.

be badly flooded

The town had been badly flooded.

flood its banks (AmE) (burst its banks in BrE)

The river had flooded its banks.

Flood is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑colour, ↑heat, ↑light, ↑pain, ↑refugee, ↑river, ↑sunlight, ↑sunshine, ↑tear
Flood is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ear, ↑market, ↑marketplace, ↑mind, ↑street, ↑switchboard, ↑vision

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