heavy, large, massive

Our shower doesn't work very well because of the poor water flow.

increased, increasing
decreased, reduced
ceaseless, constant, continuous, endless
free, uninterrupted

the uninterrupted flow of traffic

even, smooth, steady

to maintain an even flow of work through the department

easy, natural

I liked the concerto for its natural flow.


the outward flow of investment from the country

annual, daily, seasonal
data, information
air, gas, heat
blood, menstrual
lava, river, water
capital, cash, financial, investment, production, trade, work

Big pension funds have a constant flow of cash.

get, obtain

Squeeze the tube slowly to obtain an even flow.


We like to allow a free flow of ideas in our company.

create, generate, produce, provide

The system provides a continuous flow of information to the market.

keep, maintain

He kept up a flow of chatter.


Use a wide pipe to ensure an adequate flow of water.

control, manage, regulate
encourage, facilitate, stimulate

to encourage the flow of revenue into the country

enhance, improve, increase, restore

The company is trying to enhance its cash flow.

disrupt, impede, reduce, restrict, slow, slow down

The continual bombing disrupted the flow of supplies to the ground troops.

block, break, break up, cut, cut off, halt, interrupt, staunch, stem, stop

They tried to staunch the flow of blood.


The main flow of water has been diverted to a new course.


The flow rate was measured at 9.5 gallons per second.

chart, diagram
against the flow

They have to swim against the flow of the river.

flow among

information flow among all the different groups

flow from

First cut off the water flow from the boiler.

flow into

She joined the flow of immigrants to the country.

flow of

a constant flow of information

flow through

the flow of data through the system

the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow of the tide

He was at the mercy of the ebb and flow of public opinion. (figurative)

in full flow

She tried to interrupt his speech, but he was already in full flow (= talking continuously).

the rate of flow

the rate of flow of water through the pipe

easily, effortlessly, freely, smoothly

We talked, and the conversation flowed freely.

Wine and beer flowed freely.


The songs flow seamlessly into one another.

gently, gracefully
fast, quickly, rapidly, swiftly

The river flows very fast here.

slowly, steadily
naturally, nicely, well

In a good production of the play, the action and the words flow naturally.


Some of these changes will flow directly from the legislation.

constantly, continuously
away, back, in, out, past
seem to
begin to, start to
continue to

Imported food aid continued to flow in.

across, along, between, down

a small stream that flowed down the hillside


Blood was still flowing from the wound.


One day seemed to flow into the next.

out of, over, through

Information flows continuously through the network.


to get blood flowing to the brain

ebb and flow

The sea ebbed and flowed.

The number of buyers has ebbed and flowed. (figurative)

flow in a … direction

The best thing is when ideas flow in both directions.

flow in the breeze, flow in the wind

Her long hair flowed in the wind as she ran.

Flow is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑adrenalin, ↑air, ↑beer, ↑blood, ↑champagne, ↑cloak, ↑conversation, ↑current, ↑electricity, ↑hair, ↑idea, ↑information, ↑liquid, ↑music, ↑refugee, ↑river, ↑saliva, ↑sap, ↑stream, ↑tear, ↑traffic, ↑water, ↑waterfall, ↑wine, ↑word

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