delicious, excellent, good, great, superb, tasty, wonderful
adequate, enough, sufficient

Everyone has the right to adequate food and clean water.

basic, everyday, staple

lower fat alternatives to everyday foods

Retail prices of staple foods remain unchanged.

plain, simple
exotic, speciality (BrE), specialty (AmE)
fine, gourmet, quality

Our restaurant serves the finest food.

bad, poor, unhealthy
healthful (esp. AmE), healthy, nourishing, nutritious, proper, the right, wholesome

Healthy food can and should be delicious

Lack of proper food led to much illness among seamen.

It's is important to get plenty of exercise and to eat the right foods.

diet, health

Essential oils can be bought from most good health food stores

rabbit (informal, disapproving)

My father preferred to eat meat and hated rabbit food (= salad vegetables).

fast, junk, snack
carry-out (AmE), takeaway (BrE), takeout (AmE)
raw, uncooked
whole (usually wholefood)
canned, tinned (BrE)
fatty, fried, high-fat, starchy, stodgy (esp. BrE)

She is trying to cut down on fatty foods.

high-calorie, rich

Avoid rich foods like pastries.

sugary, sweet
savoury/savory (esp. BrE), spicy
Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc.
genetically engineered, genetically modified (abbreviated to GM)

Campaigners are challenging the safety of genetically modified foods.

animal, plant, vegetable (= food that comes from animals/plants)

Omnivores are able to eat animal or vegetable food.


The baby refuses to swallow any solid food.

cat, dog, fish, pet
animal, plant (= food for animals/plants)
diner (AmE), hospital, party, prison, pub (BrE), restaurant

Ice cream is my comfort food of choice (= food that makes me feel happier).

plate, portion
morsel, scrap

They moved from town to town begging scraps of food.

consume, eat, have

the amount of food that an average family consumes in a week

You should eat more fresh foods.

She had had no food for two days.

enjoy, like, love

He obviously enjoys good food.

live on

people who live on junk food

be off, go off (BrE)

The dog is off its food.

avoid, cut back on (esp. AmE), cut down on (esp. BrE), cut out
be short of, go short of, run short of

The city was under siege and began to run short of food.

be without, go without, live without, survive without

We had been days without food.

offer (sb)

Fast-food companies are starting to offer their customers healthier food.

give sb, provide (sb with), serve (sb), supply (sb with)

a restaurant that serves good healthy food

Thanks to international aid, the town had been supplied with food for nine months.

feed sb/sth, feed sb/sth on

He always fed Whiskers the best cat food.

She fed her baby on wholesome food.


Always take great care when handling food.

cook, do, make, prepare

A lot of people can't be bothered to cook good food.

Who's doing the food for the party?

smell, taste

Taste the food and tell me what you think.

cut, cut up

Please cut up the food for your baby sister.

pick at

He had lost his appetite and picked at his food.

play with

Stop playing with your food like a baby!

gulp, gulp down

She told the kids not to gulp down their food.


They sat down at the restaurant table and immediately ordered their food.

grow, produce

Farmers are not producing enough food for the country's growing population.

buy, sell
beg, beg for, hunt for, look for, scavenge for, search for

They slept in the open and begged (for) food from farmers.

The male eagle hunts for food.


Most mammals use their sense of smell to find food.

keep, store

Keep food fresher for longer with our new sealable containers.

Bears store food for the winter.

put out

He put out food for the birds.

smell, taste

Does the food taste good?

be in short supply, be short

Food is short here, and people go hungry.

run out
arrive, come

When their food arrived they ate in silence.


Try to eat a variety of foods that contain protein.

resource, source, supply

Fruit is an important food source for bats.

The fish market is a ready food supply for seabirds.


The UN has been issuing emergency food supplies to the refugees.

stuff (usually foodstuff)

Many basic foodstuffs, such as bread and milk, are tax-free.

crop, plant

basic food crops such as beans and corn

item, product

The labels on food products give information about their nutritional content.

consumption, intake

His doctor warned him to reduce his daily food intake.

hygiene (esp. BrE), safety, security
scare (esp. BrE)

There has been a food scare over salmonella in eggs.

crisis, shortage
rationing, rations
stamp (AmE)
industry, market, service

We intend to increase our share of the food market.

manufacturing, production, system
company, manufacturer, producer
court (AmE), market, outlet, retailer, shop, store, supplier

the food court at the shopping mall

Britain's first organic food market

a fast food outlet


I am trying to cut my weekly food bill by one third.

policy, programme/program

US food policy


Blend the egg yolks, lemon juice and herbs in a food processor.

chain, web

Plankton is at the bottom of the marine food chain.

for food

animals that are killed for food

without food

After three days without food, the men were close to starvation.

food and drink (BrE), food and drinks (AmE)

Gina had prepared food and drink/drinks for the party.

food and water

Food and water were running out.

food and wine

The Dordogne region is famous for its food and wine.

a smell of food

There was a smell of food from the kitchen

a supply of food

The ocean provides the people with an endless supply of food.

the taste of food

the characteristic taste of our food

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