noun the forefront
remain at, remain in

Education remains at the forefront of the state's planning.

keep sb/sth at, keep sb/sth in, keep sb/sth to (BrE)
come into (AmE), come to

She came to the forefront as governor after the political change.

push sb/sth into, push sb/sth to, thrust sb/sth into, thrust sb/sth to

His new job thrust him to the forefront.

bring sb/sth to, place sb/sth at, place sb/sth in, put sb/sth (back) at, put sb/sth (back) in

The new factory could put the town back at the forefront of steel manufacture.

at the forefront (of), in the forefront (of)

issues at the forefront of government policy

at the forefront of sb's mind, in the forefront of sb's mind, to the forefront of sb's mind

This question remained at the forefront of her mind.

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