1 organization that provides money for sth
charitable, private
establish, set up, start

a charitable foundation established in 1983

foundation for

a private foundation for the arts

2 foundations parts of a building below the ground
dig, lay

Concrete foundations have been laid.

shake, undermine

The thunder seemed to shake the very foundations of the building.

They had dug too deep and undermined the foundations of the house.


The foundation stone was laid in 1911.

In 1853 Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone of the new palace.

wall (AmE)
3 basis for sth
excellent, firm, good, secure, solid, sound, strong
shaky, weak
ideological, intellectual, moral, philosophical, political, scientific, theoretical
build, create, form, lay, provide (sth with), set

This agreement laid a sound foundation for future cooperation between the two countries.

build on

We now have a firm foundation to build on.

rest on

The peace treaty rests on shaky foundations.

rock, shake, strike at, threaten, undermine

an event which rocked the foundations of British politics

course, year (both BrE)

The Fine Arts degree starts with a foundation year.

foundation for

to provide a solid foundation for democracy

rock sth to its foundations, shake sth to its foundations

The scandal rocked the legal establishment to its foundations.

the very foundation

He believes terrorism undermines the very foundations of our society.

4 facts that show that sth is true
have no

malicious gossip which has no foundation

without foundation

The rumours/rumors of his resignation are entirely without foundation.

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