1 permission to sell sth
fast-food, rail (BrE), sports (AmE), television (BrE), etc.
film (BrE), movie (esp. AmE)
have, hold (esp. BrE), own

the company that holds the franchise for the south-east of the country

acquire, buy, get, win

The company has just won a television franchise.

operate, run

He runs a local pizza franchise.

build, expand (both esp. AmE)
award (sb), give sb, grant sb

The franchise was awarded to a French company.


TV franchises will be sold to the highest bidder.


The licensee lost its franchise to Carlton TV.

business, company, operation
holder (esp. BrE), owner
auction, bid (both BrE)
franchise for

The diving school has acquired a franchise for scuba equipment.

on a franchise basis (BrE)

Catering in the schools is run on a franchise basis.

2 (formal) right to vote in elections

the fight for a universal franchise

limited, restricted
qualify for

It was decided that all men in the armed forces should qualify for the franchise.


He had to exercise the franchise on behalf of other council members.

extend, widen

The franchise was later extended to all adults over eighteen.

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