1 sum of money collected for a particular purpose
appeal (BrE), charitable, charity, disaster, relief

The newspaper launched an appeal fund for victims of the disaster.

contingency, emergency, reserve
hardship (BrE)
benevolent (esp. BrE), campaign, compensation, insurance, investment, memorial, prize, social, trust

It will be a challenge to raise campaign funds for the election.

a benevolent fund for retired actors

pension, retirement
equity, hedge, managed, mutual
foreign, offshore
create, establish, launch, set up, start

They set up an investment fund to provide money for their retirement.

administer, manage, run
draw on, raid

They don't want to draw on the fund unless they have to.


The fund was invested in a range of state bonds.

holder, investor, manager, provider, trustee
account, management
in a/the fund

There is currently over $200 000 in the fund.

into a/the fund

The money received is paid directly into a pension fund.

2 funds money that is available and can be spent
adequate, sufficient

There are only limited funds available.

additional, extra
much-needed, vital (both esp. BrE)
federal, government, private, public, state
church, school
lottery (esp. BrE)

We have insufficient funds to pay for the building work.


Most of the funds are spent on software.

be short of, run out of

We're short of funds at the moment.

appeal for (esp. BrE), solicit (esp. AmE)

The school is appealing for funds to invest in new equipment.

boost (esp. BrE), borrow, build (esp. AmE), build up, collect, generate, get, obtain, raise, receive, secure
allocate, distribute, lend, make available, provide, release

Funds will be made available to ensure the provision of hospital services.


They voted to withhold funds from any organization which didn't sign the agreement.

deposit, withdraw

Clients can withdraw funds without any notice.

channel, direct, use

The government is to channel more funds into local projects.


The funds are earmarked for the health sector.

embezzle, misappropriate (esp. BrE), misuse (AmE)
fund for

a charity event to raise funds for local schools

fund from

Funds from the event will support the work of the hospice.

access to funds

The current account offers savers instant access to funds.

a flow of funds

the flow of funds between various economic sectors

a lack of funds, a shortage of funds

The project was hampered by lack of funds.

largely, mainly, primarily
entirely, wholly

The venture is funded entirely by its board of directors.

partially, partly
generously, heavily, lavishly, properly, well

fully funded day care for our children

inadequately, poorly
centrally, directly

Infrastructure projects are centrally funded.

The GDPC is not directly funded by the taxpayer.

federally, publicly
externally, independently, privately

a plan jointly funded by central and local government


The museum is funded solely from voluntary contributions.

be used to, help (to)

This money will help to fund administration costs.

agree to
refuse to
Fund is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑institute, ↑lottery
Fund is used with these nouns as the object: ↑campaign, ↑deficit, ↑education, ↑effort, ↑expansion, ↑expedition, ↑expenditure, ↑initiative, ↑museum, ↑pension, ↑programme, ↑project, ↑research, ↑retirement, ↑scheme, ↑study, ↑venture

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