adequate, proper, sufficient
generous, significant, substantial

The President has promised full funding for the plans.

inadequate, insufficient
additional, extra, increased
annual, three-year, etc.

the industry's annual funding requirement

emergency, short-term
central (esp. BrE)
external, outside

Half of the research posts depend on outside funding.

international, local, national
federal, government, public, public-sector (esp. BrE), state
private, private-sector (esp. BrE)
grant, lottery (esp. BrE)
development, education, research, science
start-up, venture
library, school, university, etc.
award sb/sth, give sb/sth, provide (sb/sth with)

The refusal to provide extra funding for schools caused a storm.

request, seek

It gave us more time to raise the necessary funding.

attract, get, obtain, receive, secure, win
boost, increase
cut, reduce, slash
cut off, stop, withdraw, withhold
deny sb/sth, refuse (sb/sth)
approve, authorize
come from sb/sth

Most of our funding comes from private sources.


We need to make sure that the funding goes to areas where its most needed.

About 70% of current funding has gone on schools.

increase, rise
dry up, run out

Much of the funding dried up in the 1980s.

package (esp. BrE)
arrangement, formula

We're hoping they will change the funding formula.

agency, body
bill (AmE)
 … in funding,  … of funding

£25 million in funding

funding from

The school has attracted funding from a number of sources.

funding to

an increase in funding to drug rehabilitation clinics

a cut in funding, an increase in funding
a lack of funding
a level of funding

Present levels of funding have forced the school to close.

a source of funding

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