acute, considerable, deep, great
chronic, constant, nagging
free-floating (esp. AmE), generalized

We seem to live in a state of free-floating anxiety that can attach itself to anything.

growing, increasing, mounting
understandable (esp. BrE)
needless (BrE), unnecessary
castration, separation, etc. (psychology)

the high level of anxiety created by entering a new environment

arouse, bring, cause, create, provoke
lead to
experience, feel, suffer from

She felt a nagging anxiety that could not be relieved.

express, share

The mothers were able to share their anxieties with each other.

betray, reflect

His face betrayed his anxiety.

cope with, deal with, overcome

skills to cope with anxiety

allay, alleviate, assuage, dispel, ease, lessen, quell, reduce, relieve, soothe

The aim is to reduce anxiety and help the patients relax.

exacerbate, heighten, increase

The more reports I study the more my anxiety grows.

arise, arise from sth, arise out of sth, surface

A few anxieties surfaced during the meeting.


A lot of anxiety surrounds the issue of human cloning.


patients suffering from an anxiety disorder


I keep having this anxiety dream where I've forgotten to do something important.

anxiety about

her growing anxiety about her health

anxiety at

anxiety at the deterioration of relations between the powers

anxiety for

deep anxiety for the whole family

anxiety over

There are anxieties over the effects of unemployment.

anxiety and depression

Physical activity can help reduce anxiety and depression.

fear and anxiety

They were encouraged to express their fears and anxieties.

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