1 activity/sport
ball, board, card
computer, online, PC, video
adventure, role-playing, war
good, great

This is a good game for getting people to mix.

entertaining, fun

competitive games in which there is always a winner and a loser


How I hated team games at school!


children's party games like Musical Chairs

indoor, outdoor

It's hard to find indoor games for children.


Children love learning new games.

create, design, develop, invent

The company is developing games to play on mobile phones.

designer, developer
games company, games industry
game room (AmE), games room (BrE)
2 competition
big (= important)

The guys are in training for their big game.

close, tight, tough

It's going to be a close game.

evenly contested, keenly contested (both esp. BrE)
away, home
championship, league

their first league game of the season

baseball, basketball, football, soccer (AmE), etc.
have, play

Last night he played the final game of his career.

The team is playing a home game this week.

have, play

Shall we have a game of chess?

lose, win

We won the first game and lost the second.

draw (esp. BrE), tie (esp. AmE)
level (BrE)

The team fought back to level the game.

see, watch

The early stages of the game were dominated by the home team.

decide, seal
abandon, postpone
game against, game with (BrE)

this week's game against the Titans

next week's game with Liverpool

game of

To pass the time, we played a game of cards.

a game of tennis

3 how sb plays
fine, good, great, perfect

That girl plays a great game of bridge.

have, play

Trevor had a good game.

pitch, throw (both AmE)

He pitched a perfect game at Atlanta.

Tibble threw a perfect game.

improve, lift, raise

Hendry raised his game to become the champion.

winner (esp. AmE)
4 games sports competition
Commonwealth, Olympic, etc.
compete in, participate in, take part in (esp. BrE)

She's hoping to participate in the next Olympic Games.


Chicago's bid to host the Olympic Games


The Olympic Games are held every four years.

5 business/activity
be in

How long have you been in this game?


Lufthansa entered the game with a 25% stake in the company.

game of

the game of life/politics

all part of the game

Getting dirty was all part of the game to the kids.

new to this game

I'm new to this game myself.

6 secret plan
little, silly, stupid

He was unwittingly caught up in a dangerous game of lies and betrayals.


I realized that he had been playing a stupid game with me.

put an end to

I'll soon put an end to her silly little games.

give away

Don't let him talk to anybody or he'll give the game away.

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