1 space between things
big, huge, large, wide
narrow, small, tiny
fill, seal, span

Seal the gaps around the windows with a sealant.

appear, open up

He flashed his headlights and changed lanes whenever a gap opened up.

through a/the gap

A rabbit darted through a gap in the fence.

gap between

Position the tiles, leaving a narrow gap between the edges.

gap in

A huge gap had appeared in the hedge.

2 period of time
long, short
two-year, etc.
awkward (esp. BrE)

Ads are just there to fill the gaps between quiz shows.

I was wondering how to fill those awkward gaps in the conversation.

year (BrE)

I'm planning to travel in my gap year (= the year between school and university).

after a/the gap

She returned to teaching after a twelve-year gap.

gap between

a job to fill the gap between high school and college

gap in

a gap in his career

3 difference
big, enormous, huge, large, significant, substantial, vast, wide, yawning

the unbridgeable gap between the two cultures

ever-widening, growing, widening
age, generation

Despite the age gap, romance blossomed.

cultural, culture

the gender gap in earnings

black-white, racial

Newspapers were talking of a credibility gap between what he said and what he did.

achievement, information, knowledge, skills

the knowledge gap between doctor and patient

income, pay, wage (esp. AmE)
address, bridge, close, eliminate, narrow, reduce, span

an attempt to bridge the gap between the academic world and industry

open up

A huge gap has opened up between expectations and what is deliverable.

grow, widen
close, narrow
separate sb/sth

He realized how narrow the gap was that separated him from his pagan ancestors.

gap between

The gap between rich and poor widened.

4 where sth is missing
big, enormous, great, huge, important, large, serious, significant, yawning

serious gaps in their knowledge

glaring, obvious
create, leave

His death left a huge gap in my life.

identify, see, spot (esp. BrE)
close, fill, fill in, plug

Her appointment will fill the gap created when the marketing manager left.


The company has exploited a lucrative gap in the market.

gap in

legislation to close a gap in the law

a gap in the market

We think we've identified a gap in the market (= a business opportunity).

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