noun ⇨ See also ↑rubbish, ↑trash
1 (esp. AmE) waste material
household, kitchen (AmE)
bag, pile
take out (AmE)

Don't forget to take out the garbage.

collect, remove

During the crisis, garbage was not collected.

dispose of, dump, throw, throw away, throw out

Someone just dumped their garbage into my backyard.

strew, strew around (both usually passive)

There was garbage strewn around everywhere.

pick up

We picked up all the garbage we could find.

bag, can

I put the broken glass in the garbage can.

dump, heap
collection, disposal
throw sth in the garbage
2 (informal) sth that is stupid or not true
absolute, complete, pure, utter

This movie is pure garbage.


His ideas were discarded like worthless garbage.


It's mostly the same old garbage.

garbage in, garbage out
a piece of garbage, a pile of garbage

The second series was a piece of garbage.

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