Generally is used with these adjectives: ↑acceptable, ↑accurate, ↑applicable, ↑available, ↑comparable, ↑conservative, ↑consistent, ↑effective, ↑excellent, ↑favourable, ↑healthy, ↑hostile, ↑inadequate, ↑mild, ↑negative, ↑optimistic, ↑pessimistic, ↑positive, ↑satisfactory, ↑satisfied, ↑supportive, ↑true, ↑unable, ↑unaware, ↑unpopular, ↑useful
Generally is used with these verbs: ↑agree, ↑assume, ↑avoid, ↑categorize, ↑concur, ↑confine, ↑consist, ↑correspond, ↑employ, ↑exceed, ↑exclude, ↑help, ↑ignore, ↑imply, ↑improve, ↑involve, ↑maintain, ↑neglect, ↑observe, ↑occur, ↑permit, ↑precede, ↑prefer, ↑recommend, ↑refer, ↑regard, ↑rely, ↑require, ↑reserve, ↑support, ↑suppose, ↑term, ↑translate, ↑use

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