1 movement that expresses sth
dramatic, expansive, expressive, extravagant, flamboyant, melodramatic, rhetorical, sweeping, theatrical

She made an expansive gesture with her arms.

subtle, vague

He responded with a vague gesture in the direction of the beach.

crude (esp. AmE), obscene, rude
angry, defiant, dismissive, threatening

The children made rude gestures at them.

by gesture

They communicate entirely by gesture.

in a gesture

He waved his arms in a melodramatic gesture.

with a gesture

She waved us away with an impatient gesture.

gesture of

a gesture of despair

2 sth that shows other people what you think/feel
kind, nice, sweet, thoughtful

I thought it was a nice gesture to send everyone a card.


a bold gesture of reconciliation

dramatic, extravagant, grand

He had the respect of his people without the need for grand gestures.

conciliatory, friendly, goodwill
empty, small, symbolic, token

Words and empty gestures are not enough—we demand action!

a token gesture of their good intentions

as a gesture

Several hostages were released as a goodwill gesture.

in a gesture

In a dramatic gesture, he threw the money on the table.

gesture against

The invasion attempt was intended as a political gesture against his opponents.

gesture of

His gift was a gesture of friendship.

gesture towards/toward

The president's speech was seen as a conciliatory gesture towards/toward former enemies.

frantically, wildly
expansively, grandly

She gestured at him to step back.

about (BrE), around

He gestured around the room, lost for words.


He gestured abruptly for Virginia to get in the car.


Davis gestured to the waiter.


He gestured vaguely towards/toward the house.

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