1 transparent substance
clear, coloured/colored, opaque, plain, smoked, tinted

A bomb went off, and many people were injured by flying glass.

bulletproof, cut, frosted, plate, safety, stained, toughened
pane, sheet
fragment, shard, sliver, splinter

The floor was littered with fragments of broken glass.

blow, make

We watched the craftsmen blowing glass.

The factory makes safety glass.

break, crack, shatter, smash
break, crack, shatter, smash, splinter

the sound of glass breaking

beads, bottle, bowl, eye, jar, vase, vial
cabinet, case
door, panel, partition, roof, wall, window

a boat made of glass fibre/fiber

behind glass

The books were all behind glass (= in glass cases).

on glass

She cut her foot on some glass.

under glass

We grow fruit under glass (= in a glasshouse).

through glass

He could see the light through the frosted glass.

2 for drinking
brimming (esp. BrE), full
half-empty, half-full
beer, brandy, champagne, sherry, whisky/whiskey, wine

a set of crystal glasses


a tall glass of milk

fresh (esp. AmE)

He poured her a fresh glass of sherry.


beer in a pint glass


He had a small glass of lager with his meal.

drink, sip

She sat sipping a glass of champagne.

drain, empty
fill, pour, refill, top up

The waiter filled their glasses.

clean, polish, wash

The butler was polishing the brandy glasses.

lift, raise

She raised the glass to her lips.

hand sb

I handed her a glass of wine.

put down, set down

I put my glass down on the table.


They clinked glasses, still laughing.


He heard glasses clinking in the other room.

in a/the/sb's glass

the red liquid in his glass

glass of

She had had three glasses of wine already.

(a) glass in (your) hand

He sat back, glass in hand.

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