1 desire for food
big, enormous, gargantuan, good, healthy, hearty, huge, insatiable, large, ravenous

special double-decker sandwiches for big appetites

poor, small

The symptoms of depression can include poor appetite.

I have always had a small appetite.

jaded (BrE)

magnificent meals to tempt the most jaded appetites


She had no appetite and began to lose weight.

build, build up, develop, work up

I went for a walk to work up an appetite for breakfast.

get back, regain

After a week she had regained her appetite.

give sb

All that digging has given me an appetite.

increase, stimulate

The cold air had given an edge to my appetite.

control, curb, decrease, reduce, suppress, take away, take the edge off (esp. BrE)

Some drugs can suppress the appetite.

ruin, spoil

This is something you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.


This meal will satisfy even the healthiest appetite.

grow, increase
come back, return

His appetite has returned to normal.

a lack of appetite, a loss of appetite

The symptoms include aching limbs and a loss of appetite.

2 strong desire for sth
enormous, great, huge, insatiable, voracious

an insatiable appetite for books


The airport cannot accommodate the growing appetite for flights.


The website recognizes the public appetite for serious information.


The website has enough good content to satisfy its users' intellectual appetite.

give sb
feed, fuel, increase, whet

Reading the first story whetted my appetite for more.

sate, satisfy

He sated her appetite for adventure and intrigue.


We get into debt to indulge our appetite for consumer goods.

grow, increase
appetite for

His appetite for power had grown.

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