1 level/quality
high, top

a piece of high-grade building land

He still wants to play top-grade football.

low, poor

low-grade steel

2 mark given for a piece of work/an exam

The oral exam constitutes 10% of the final grade.

A, B, etc.

an A-grade essay

excellent, good, high
bad, low, poor
failing, passing (both AmE)

She got a failing grade for that assignment.

course (AmE)
achieve, attain, earn, get, have, receive

She got good grades in her exams. (BrE)

She got good grades on her exams. (AmE)

bring up (esp. AmE), improve, raise (esp. AmE)

I need to improve my grades.

award (sb), give sb
grade point average (AmE)

You've maintained a 3.9 grade point average.

3 level of importance/level of pay at work
high, senior

He has asked to be put onto a higher grade.

large pay increases for senior grades

junior, low
at a/the … grade

She was offered a job at a lower grade.

on a/the … grade

The majority of staff are on the same grade.

4 (AmE) level at school
sixth, third, etc.

Sam is in (the) second grade.

enter, start

My son will be starting third grade this fall.

complete, finish

He skipped a grade so he finished high school early.

in … grade

My daughter is in (the) fifth grade.

5 (esp. AmE) ⇨ See ↑gradient
1 arrange in groups

a series of stories carefully graded for beginner to intermediate students (esp. BrE)


finely graded nuances of language

according to

The timber is graded according to its thickness.


The containers are graded by size.

from … to … 

Eggs are graded from small to extra large.

2 (esp. AmE) give grade for a piece of work/an exam
fairly, objectively

I don't think he graded our essays fairly.

Grade is used with these nouns as the object: ↑exam, ↑homework, ↑test

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