1 first words you say when you meet sb
formal, friendly, polite

The traditional Muslim greeting is ‘Salaam’.

call, call out, nod, shout, smile, wave

He jumped to his feet and called out a greeting.

They said nothing, but nodded a polite greeting.


The delegates shook hands and exchanged greetings.

give (sb), offer (sb)

He offered me a warm greeting and invited me in.

acknowledge, respond to, return

I said ‘Good morning!’, but she didn't return the greeting.

in greeting

He held out his hand in greeting.

2 greetings good wishes
personal, warm
birthday, Christmas, festive (esp. BrE), holiday (AmE), New Year, seasonal
bring, extend, send (sb)

He brought Christmas greetings from the whole family.

We extend our greetings to you and thank you for listening to us.

greeting card (AmE), greetings card (BrE)

Millions of greetings/greeting cards are sent at Christmas.

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