1 hold on sth
firm, good, secure, solid (esp. AmE), strong, tight
crushing, death, iron, painful, vice-like/vise-like

Her upper arms were seized in an iron grip.

gentle, loose, weak

He still had a firm grip on my arm.

get, take

Taking a tight grip on the hook, he began to pull it closer.


Keep a secure grip on the rope at all times.


She slipped and lost her grip of the rope.

strengthen, tighten

Robert tightened his grip on her shoulder.

loose, loosen, relax, release, slacken
adjust, change, shift

She felt his grip tighten painfully on her wrist.

loosen, relax, slacken

His grip slackened and she tore herself away.

in a/sb's grip

Hold the microphone in a firm grip.

She was powerless in his iron grip.

grip on

She relaxed her grip on the door frame.

break sb's grip

He finally broke her grip and escaped.

2 power/control
firm, iron, powerful, strong, tight, vice-like/vise-like

She has a tenuous grip on reality.

death, icy

The Church does not have a strong grip on the population.

get, take

The government needs to get a grip on this problem.

Get a grip! (= take control of yourself, your life, etc.) (informal)

keep, maintain

We need to keep a tight grip on costs.

strengthen, tighten

They managed to strengthen their grip on the southern part of the country.

lose (informal)

Sometimes I feel I'm losing my grip (= losing control of my life, etc.)

in sth's grip

Winter still held them in its iron grip.

a country in the grip of recession

grip on

The government does not seem to have a very firm grip on the economy.

come to grips with sth, get to grips with sth (= to begin to take control of sth or understand sth difficult)

I'm slowly getting to grips with the language.

firmly, hard, tightly
gently, lightly, loosely

She gripped hard at the arms of her chair.


He gripped her gently by the shoulders.

Grip is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑fear, ↑fever, ↑hand, ↑panic, ↑paranoia
Grip is used with these nouns as the object: ↑arm, ↑audience, ↑bat, ↑edge, ↑handle, ↑imagination, ↑rail, ↑rein, ↑wheel, ↑wrist

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