He let out a loud groan of frustration.

little, slight, small, soft
deep, low
muffled, quiet
annoyed, exasperated, frustrated
emit, give, let out, utter
bite back (AmE), hold back, stifle, suppress
with a groan

He stood up slowly with a groan of pain.

groan of

a groan of annoyance

moans and groans

The doctors all ignored her moans and groans.

quietly, softly
aloud, out loud
inwardly, mentally, silently

He groaned inwardly at the thought of spending another day in that place.

in, with

Some of the patients were groaning in/with pain.

at, from

He groaned at/from the pain.

moan and groan

There's no point in moaning and groaning about not having any money.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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