1 understanding and enjoyment of sth
deep, great, real
art, music
new, new-found

his new-found appreciation for art


a renewed appreciation of traditions once branded as primitive


The organization aims to promote public appreciation of photography.


They have little appreciation of the arts.


He doesn't share my appreciation for opera.

develop, gain

I have now developed an appreciation of poetry.


We hope the course will help foster a lifelong appreciation of music.

enhance, increase
in appreciation

She gazed in appreciation at the scene.

appreciation for, appreciation of

They had a new-found appreciation for Japanese music.

2 feeling of being grateful for sth
deep, genuine, heartfelt, sincere
express, show

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you all.

extend (formal, esp. AmE)

The authors extend their sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the book.

in appreciation (of)

I'll be sending them a donation in appreciation of their help.

with appreciation

‘Thank you,’ she murmured, with heartfelt appreciation.

appreciation for

his appreciation for all the work she had done

a lack of appreciation
a token of your appreciation

As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you this small gift.

3 understanding of what sth involves
better, clear, deep, full, great, keen, real, true, wider

There is a growing appreciation of the need for change.


The article gave me a new appreciation for the work which went into the album.


The course helped me to gain a deeper appreciation of what scientific research involves.

appreciation of

She had no appreciation of the difficulties we were facing.

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