1 solid surface of the earth
firm, hard, solid
muddy, soft
damp, wet
dry, dusty
cold, frozen
dirt (AmE)
concrete, stone (both esp. AmE)
snow-covered, snowy
fertile (often figurative)

The fall of the old regime provided fertile ground for opportunism.

fall to, hit, strike, touch

The helicopter burst into flames when it hit the ground.


Her feet don't reach the ground when she sits down.

get off, leave

The plane was so overloaded it couldn't leave the ground.

His plan is too costly to ever get off the ground. (figurative)

cover, litter

the broken branches which littered the ground

kick, paw, pound

The horse pawed the ground impatiently.

scan, search

Her eyes searched the ground.


Thunder shook the ground.


The window is just above ground level.

forces, troops
the ground beneath sb's feet
above ground, below ground

The roots may spread as far below ground as does the foliage above ground.

in the ground

a hole in the ground

on the ground

He sat down on the ground.

under the ground

The tunnel goes deep under the ground.

2 area of land
high, low

The town stands on high ground and is not prone to flooding.

difficult, rocky, rough, stony, uneven
bare, barren
flat, level
hallowed, holy, sacred

He stood on the hallowed ground of Yankee Stadium. (figurative)

patch, piece

We found a patch of open ground in the middle of the woods.

3 piece of land used for a particular purpose

The river has become a dumping ground for industrial waste.

Landfill sites provide a dumping ground for old mattresses, broken chairs as well as household waste.

camp (AmE), parade
breeding, feeding, nesting, spawning, wintering

The estuary is a breeding ground for birds and marine life.

Hospitals are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Poverty is a breeding ground for terrorism. (figurative)

fishing, hunting
staging (esp. AmE)
at a/the ground, in a/the ground

all the graves in the burial ground

4 (BrE) stadium
cricket, football, rugby, etc.
practice, recreation, sports, training
away, home
at a/the ground

I'll meet you at the football ground.

inside a/the ground

The atmosphere inside the ground was electric.

5 grounds land surrounding a large building
extensive, large
castle, hospital, palace, school, etc.
be set in, have

The palace is set in extensive grounds.

cross, enter, walk
in the grounds (of) (esp. BrE)

She lived in the grounds of the castle.

on the grounds (of) (AmE)

The doctor's office is on the grounds of the hospital.

6 area of interest/study/discussion
familiar, home, old

I was on more familiar ground now that we were talking about our own system.

I apologize if I'm going over old ground.

firm, solid
dangerous, rocky, shaky

Legally, we're on very shaky ground (= our actions may not be legal).

Both relationships hit rocky ground.


Both parties in the debate shared some common ground.


a search for middle ground between the two sides

cover, go over, tread

Several researchers have published articles covering this ground.

We just seem to be going over the same ground that we covered last year.

on … ground

He knew he was on dangerous ground talking about money.

break new ground

Her architectural designs have broken new ground.

hold your ground, stand your ground

She held her ground in the debate.

the moral high ground

I was angry with his blatant attempt to take the moral high ground.

shift your ground

Each time he seemed to be losing the argument, he just shifted his ground.

7 grounds reason for sth
good, reasonable, strong, sufficient
legitimate, valid
ethical, humanitarian, moral
economic, legal, political, etc.

The police had reasonable grounds for arresting her.

be, give (sb)

His evasiveness gave grounds for suspicion.

on … grounds

Permission to open a mine was denied on environmental grounds.

on the grounds of

He resigned on the grounds of ill health.

ground for

Drunkenness at work was sufficient grounds for instant dismissal.

verb be grounded in/on sth
firmly, solidly, thoroughly, well

His book is firmly grounded in memories of his own childhood.

historically, religiously, scientifically, etc.
Ground is used with these nouns as the object: ↑fleet, ↑flight, ↑helicopter
Ground is used with these nouns: ↑almond, ↑beef, ↑coffee, ↑lamb, ↑meat, ↑pepper, ↑pork, ↑spice, ↑turkey

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