big, large, wide

She has a very wide group of friends.

little, select, small

The president met with a select group of senior negotiators.

coherent, cohesive, homogeneous, tight, tight-knit, tightly knit

The strangers who came together for the course soon became a cohesive group.

diverse, heterogeneous

Disabled drivers are an ever-growing minority group.

dominant, powerful
cultural, demographic, ethnic, racial, social

The animals live in family groups of 10–20 individuals.

age, peer

young people in this age group

He started smoking because of peer-group pressure.


a discussion group that meets once a month

research, study
self-help, support
business, consumer, student
action, advocacy (esp. AmE), interest, pressure, special-interest

Local parents have formed an action group to campaign for better road safety.

rebel, splinter

A few members of the party broke away to form a splinter group.

hate (esp. AmE)
terror, terrorist
church, religious
conservation, environmental
book, reading
pop, rock

What blood group are you? (BrE)

comparison, control
create, form, found, organize, set up, start
head, lead, manage, run
become a member of, join

He left the group last year to pursue a solo career.


The group formed back in 1992.

split up

The group has split up and re-formed several times with different musicians.

comprise, consist of, include
leader, member
activity, discussion, work
as a group

The gorillas go foraging for food as a group.

in a/the group

There are fifteen of us in the group.

within a/the group

Within a group, each individual had a definite status.

group of

a group of young mothers

divide sb/sth into groups

We divided the class into small groups.

broadly, loosely

Works in the exhibition are grouped thematically.

according to, by

Eggs were grouped according to size.

The children were grouped by age.

around, round (esp. BrE)

They sat grouped around the fire.

in, into

These stories can be loosely grouped into three types.


The England team was grouped with Uruguay and Holland.

group sth under a heading

The names were grouped under four different headings.

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