deep, low
guttural, soft, throaty
angry, frustrated, threatening

The dog gave a threatening growl.

give, let out
with a growl

He spoke with a deep soft growl in his throat.

growl of

The growl of the engine.

angrily, ferociously, fiercely, menacingly

‘I'm a desperate man,’ he growled menacingly.

deeply, loudly, lowly (AmE), softly
growl sth under your breath

‘Mosquitos!’ she growled under her breath.


The dog growled softly at me.


to growl in annoyance


Her stomach was growling with hunger.

Growl is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑dog, ↑lion, ↑monster, ↑stomach, ↑thunder, ↑tiger, ↑wolf

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