fair, good, reasonable, safe

April is a safe guess for first deliveries.

educated, informed

She could make an educated guess as to what was wrong with him.

rough, wild

At a rough guess, I'd say we're about twenty miles from home.

correct, lucky

‘How did you know?’ ‘It was just a lucky guess.’

first, initial
have (BrE), hazard, make (BrE), take (AmE), venture (esp. AmE)

If you don't know the answer, have/take a guess.

If I might hazard a guess … 

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say this was painted in the 1890s.

give sb

‘Where's Tom?’ ‘I'll give you three guesses!’

(= the answer is obvious and you should guess it easily)
be correct, be right
at a guess

At a guess, I'd say there's a problem with the fuel pump.

guess about, guess as to, guess at

He made a wild guess as to how much the piano might cost.

sb's best guess

What's your best guess on what's going to happen?

a guess based on sth

a guess based on your experience

correctly, right
incorrectly, wrong

Jane had guessed wrong about who was responsible for the fire.


an easily guessed password


Can you guess his age?

can only

We can only guess how fast a dinosaur might have run.

try to
be easy to, not be difficult to, not be hard to

It's not hard to guess where they went.


I was only guessing at her age.


She guessed from his expression that he had not won.

could have guessed, might have guessed, should have guessed

So it was Rob who broke the window? I might have guessed!

guess again

That's not the answer. Guess again.

If you think I'm lying, well guess again.

if you haven't already guessed

If you haven't already guessed, I'm going out with Steve.

I guess so, I guess not
let me guess

What star sign are you? No, let me guess.

you can probably guess, you have probably guessed

You can probably guess how she reacted!

you'll never guess where, who, how, etc.

You'll never guess who I saw yesterday!

Guess is used with these nouns as the object: ↑answer, ↑identity, ↑password, ↑reason, ↑size, ↑truth

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