clear, good, helpful, practical, useful
basic (esp. AmE), broad, general, simple
comprehensive, detailed, explicit, specific
strict, stringent
draft, proposed
new, revised, updated

A task force has formed to develop voluntary guidelines.

formal, official
federal, government
international, national, state
planning (esp. BrE), safety, security
clinical, ethical, legal

The US Supreme Court is reviewing sentencing guidelines.


The organization has issued a set of guidelines for builders to follow.

propose, recommend, suggest
draw up, establish, formulate, lay down (esp. BrE), lay out (esp. AmE), set out
accept, adopt, approve

The following guidelines were approved in October 1995.

give (sb), issue, offer (sb), provide (sb with), release

The document gives clear guidelines on the use of pesticides.

adhere to, apply, enforce, follow, implement, meet, stick to

We have to follow the safety guidelines laid down by the government.

A number of deals have not met the guidelines.

breach (esp. BrE), ignore, violate

The minister is accused of allowing the company to breach guidelines on arms sales.


The same general guidelines on when to dress formally apply to both men and women.

state sth
require sth

The guidelines require this information to be made available to the public.

recommend sth, suggest sth

The guidelines recommend that children under 12 avoid these foods.

under guideline

Under federal guidelines, they must serve at least five years in prison.

within guideline

Within clear guidelines, managers can use their budget to entertain clients.

guideline about

detailed guidelines for doctors about how to deal with difficult patients

guideline for

The article suggests some guidelines for healthy eating.

guideline from

guidelines from the Department of Education

guideline on

new EU guidelines on food hygiene

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