annoying, antisocial (BrE), bad, dangerous, destructive, dirty, disconcerting (BrE), disgusting, filthy, horrible, irritating, nasty, poor, terrible, unfortunate

Life has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

poor eating habits

charming (often ironic), endearing, good

one of his more endearing habits

her charming habit of setting fire to cats

curious, eccentric, odd, peculiar, strange, unusual, weird

The children are developing unhealthy eating habits.

healthful (AmE), healthy
lifelong, old
daily, normal, regular, usual

deeply ingrained habits of thought


It was a nervous habit she'd had for years.

personal, sexual, social

I found some of his personal habits rather disconcerting.


Healthy lifestyle habits begin when you're young.


Mental habits are not easily changed.

buying, shopping, spending

an effort to change the buying habits of the British public

dietary, drinking, eating, feeding, food
exercise, sleeping, work

The pills affected your sleeping habits.

Ellington's work habits were a marvel to all.

reading, viewing

women's television viewing habits

cocaine, crack, drug, gambling, heroin, smoking

I'm trying to kick the smoking habit.

be in, have

She had been in the habit of drinking five or six cups of coffee a day.

She has some very annoying habits.

He had an irritating habit of singing tunelessly around the house.

acquire, adopt, cultivate, develop, establish, fall into, form, get in, get into, make

I had fallen into my old bad habit of leaving everything until the last minute.

Try to get into good habits and eat regular healthy meals.

Make a habit of noting down any telephone messages.


Don't let eating between meals become a habit.

break (yourself of), get out of, give up, kick

a difficult habit to break

You must break yourself of the habit.

I got out of the habit of getting up early.


He turned to crime to support his habit.


The nation's eating habits have changed significantly.

by habit

Much of what we do in daily life is done by habit.

from habit

I just did it from habit.

out of habit

I sat in my old seat purely out of habit.

a creature of habit

Horses are creatures of habit and like to have a daily routine.

force of habit

Mr Norris woke up early from force of habit.

the habit of a lifetime

It's hard to change the habit of a lifetime.

a hard habit to break

Caffeine can be a hard habit to break.

old habits die hard

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