auburn, black, blond, brown, chestnut, dark, fair, ginger (BrE), golden, grey/gray, grizzled, jet-black, light, raven (literary), red, sandy, silver, silvery, white, yellow
bushy, coarse, curly, fine, flyaway (esp. AmE), frizzy, kinky (AmE), nappy (AmE), shaggy, spiky, straight, thick, wavy, wiry, wispy
beautiful, glossy, shiny, silky, sleek
dishevelled/disheveled, dry, dull, fuzzy, greasy, matted, messy, scruffy, tangled, tousled, unkempt, unruly, untidy (esp. BrE), windswept

a new shampoo for dull or dry hair

His hair was tousled and he looked as if he'd just woken up.

cropped, long, short, shoulder-length, waist-length

She had shoulder-length black hair.


She pushed a stray hair behind her ear.


He ran both hands through his thinning hair.

body, chest, facial, pubic
cat, dog, etc.

The rug was covered with cat hairs.

lock, wisp

She had beautiful auburn hair.


He had turned forty and was beginning to lose his hair.


She wore her long hair loose on her shoulders.

arrange, do, fix, tidy (esp. BrE)

I don't like the way she's arranged her hair, do you?

I'll be down in a minute, I'm just doing my hair.

She showered, fixed her hair, and applied make up.

braid (esp. AmE), plait (BrE), put up, tie back

Why don't you put your hair up for this evening?

brush, comb
shampoo, wash
cut, trim

He went to the barber's to have his hair cut.

blow-dry, dry

They had styled my hair by blowing it out straight.

curl, gel, perm, relax, straighten

I've decided to have my hair permed.

bleach, colour/color, dye

I'm trying to grow my hair.


His hair was shaved close to his head.

mess up, muss (AmE), ruffle
smooth, stroke

Kyle reached out to stroke her hair.

flick, toss

She tossed her long hair out of her eyes.


Why don't you let your hair grow?


His hair curls naturally.

fall, flow, hang, lie, tumble

Her blond hair fell over her eyes.

gleam, glint, glisten, shine

how to cope with hair loss

salon, stylist

Her only hair accessory was a headband.


a stylist specializing in hair extensions


waxing, and the other hair removal methods available for men

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