Happen is used after these nouns: ↑break-in
actually, really

She couldn't quite believe that all this was actually happening to her.


I don't remember learning to swim, it just happened.


Sometimes fun activities just happen spontaneously; at other times they take careful planning.

overnight, quickly

Change doesn't happen overnight.

be going to

They could only wait and see what was going to happen.

be likely to
be bound to

Mistakes are bound to happen sometimes.

tend to

What tends to happen is that students spend the first week of the course in a blind panic, but settle down by the second or third week.

want sth to
make sth

You have to make things happen if you want them to happen.

let sth

Don't just sit back and let it happen.


She didn't know what was happening to her.

Happen is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑abuse, ↑accident, ↑assault, ↑attack, ↑avalanche, ↑breakthrough, ↑burglary, ↑catastrophe, ↑change, ↑coincidence, ↑collision, ↑crash, ↑crime, ↑deal, ↑death, ↑disaster, ↑earthquake, ↑emergency, ↑eruption, ↑event, ↑evolution, ↑explosion, ↑fit, ↑incident, ↑injury, ↑innovation, ↑killing, ↑leak, ↑magic, ↑meeting, ↑merger, ↑miracle, ↑mistake, ↑murder, ↑phenomenon, ↑riot, ↑skirmish, ↑smash, ↑thing, ↑tragedy, ↑transformation

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