1 ability to hear
acute, excellent, good, normal, sharp
bad (esp. AmE), impaired, poor

Whales have acute hearing.


She lost her hearing when she was a child.

get back, regain (esp. AmE)

Is there any chance that he'll get his hearing back?

affect, impair
deteriorate, go

His hearing began to deteriorate.

Her hearing was already going.

come back, improve

Two months after the accident her hearing came back.

impairment, loss, problems

to have/wear a hearing aid

protection (esp. AmE)

a course in sign language for both deaf and hearing people

hard of hearing

You'll have to speak more loudly. I'm afraid she's a little hard of hearing.

2 trial in a court, etc.
final, preliminary
formal, full
open, public
private, secret
oral (BrE)
appeal, confirmation, custody, disciplinary, pretrial
committee, congressional, court, tribunal (BrE)
conduct, hold

The committee has decided to hold the hearing in public.


An appeal hearing is scheduled for later this month.

ask for, call for, demand, request

Protesters are calling for a public hearing.

get, have

She said that she had had a very fair hearing from the disciplinary tribunal.

adjourn (esp. BrE)

The hearing was told that the child had been left with a 14-year-old babysitter.

take place
begin, open
at a/the hearing

At a preliminary hearing the judge announced that the trial would begin on March 21.

in a/the hearing

She was granted a divorce in a five-minute hearing.

pending a/the hearing

Pending the hearing of the case by the court, the business will be allowed to continue operating.

without a hearing

The judge dismissed the case without a hearing.

3 chance for an opinion to be considered
fair, sympathetic
give sb/sth

At least give our ideas a fair hearing before you reject them.


You haven't much chance of your plan getting a sympathetic hearing.


Their views deserve a hearing.

hearing for

All I'm asking is a fair hearing for my ideas.

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