1 part of the body
healthy, strong
bad, weak
beating, pounding, racing
pump sth

The heart pumps blood through the body.

fail, stop
flutter, hammer, palpitate, pound, race, throb, thud, thump
rate, rhythm
complaint (esp. BrE), condition, defect, disease, failure, murmur, problem, trouble (see also heart attack)
bypass, operation, surgery, transplant

a triple heart bypass operation

2 feelings/emotions
big, good, kind, pure, soft, tender, true, warm
cold, dark, hard
heavy, sinking

With a heavy heart, she watched him go.


He set off with a light heart.


She has a kind heart.

Have you no heart?


He broke her heart.


Her words pierced my heart.


His sad story touched her heart.

gladden, melt, warm
capture, steal, win

Just follow your heart and you'll be happy.

open, pour out

Finally, he broke down in tears and poured out his heart to her.


Relief filled his heart.

jump, leap, lurch, miss a beat, skip a beat

Her heart leaped with joy.


My heart aches when I think of their sorrow.


Inside, his heart was slowly breaking.


He smiled and her heart melted.

desire sth

everything your heart could desire

go out

Our hearts go out to (= we sympathize deeply with) the families of the victims.

at heart

At heart he is a republican.

from the heart

I could tell he spoke from the heart.

in your heart

In my heart, I knew it wasn't true.

an affair of the heart (= a romance)

Her novels tend to deal with affairs of the heart

a change of heart (= a change of attitude)

He could have a change of heart and settle down to family life.

from the bottom of your heart

I beg you, from the bottom of my heart, to spare his life.

heart and soul

He committed himself heart and soul to the cause.

have a heart of gold (= to be a very kind person), have a heart of stone (= to be a person who does not show others sympathy or pity), the hearts and minds of sb

to win the hearts and minds of the nation's youth

in good heart (= cheerful and well) (BrE), put (your) heart into sth

He really puts his heart into his singing.

sick at heart (= very unhappy), with all your heart, with your whole heart (esp. AmE)

I wish you well with all my heart.

3 important/central part
real, true

This brings us to the real heart of the matter.

lie at

The distinction between right and wrong lies at the heart of all questions of morality.

go to

The committee's report went to the heart of the government's dilemma.

at the heart

the issue at the heart of modern government

heart of

We live in the very heart of the city.

the heart of the matter, the heart of the problem
4 playing card

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