1 group of animals
great, huge, large, vast
entire, whole
national (= all the animals of a particular type in a country) (BrE)

Bad weather has decimated the national herd.

beef, breeding, dairy

The farm has only a small dairy herd.

pedigree (BrE)
cattle, cow, elephant, etc.
in a/the herd

The animals tend to graze in a herd.

herd of

a large herd of cows

a member of a herd
2 group of people
thundering (esp. AmE)

They hired a thundering herd of corporate executives.


If you feel so strongly, why follow the herd (= do the same as everybody else)?

stand apart from (AmE), stand out from

She prided herself on standing out from the common herd.

instinct, mentality
Herd is used with these nouns as the object: ↑cattle, ↑sheep

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(of the larger animals) / , , , , (ignobile vulgus), (as beasts),

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