big, great

He was one of the great football heroes of his day.

genuine, real, true

Einstein is the all-time hero of many scientists.


She was an unsung hero of the British film industry.

reluctant, unlikely
brave, intrepid

The song remembers the brave heroes who died for their country.

romantic, tragic

Being short and overweight, he was an unlikely romantic hero.

action, swashbuckling

Tired of playing the swashbuckling hero, he sought out more challenging roles.


He returned home from the tournament a conquering hero.

all-American (BrE)
have-a-go (= sb who is not in the police, etc. who tries to prevent a crime) (BrE)

A have-a-go hero who attempted to stop thieves stealing a car was killed after the robbers ran him over.


a fallen hero trying to regain his position


James Dean was a cult hero of the fifties.

folk, hometown (BrE), local, national, popular
fictional, legendary, mythical
eponymous, titular

Don Quixote, the eponymous hero of the novel by Cervantes

boyhood, childhood

Bugs Bunny was one of my childhood heroes.

military, naval
film (esp. BrE), movie (esp. AmE)
comic, football, guitar, musical, sporting (BrE), sports (AmE)

Jimi Hendrix was her guitar hero.

In this album she pays tribute to her musical heroes.

be hailed (as)

He was hailed as a hero after the rescue.

become, make sb into, turn sb into

The fight to save the forest turned him into a local hero.


He died a national hero.

celebrate, commemorate, honour/honor, salute
play, portray

Tom Cruise played the hero.


a chance to meet his hero

battle, fight
rescue sb, save sb/sth
inspire sb

O'Reilly enjoyed hero status based on his ability with a ball.


His father was a hero figure to him.

hero to

He was a hero to all his friends.

be no hero

John was no hero—he was willing to let others fight.

give sb a hero's welcome, receive a hero's welcome
hero of the hour

Everyone played brilliantly, but Jones was the hero of the hour.

(die) a hero's death

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