1 suggestion
big, broad, clear (esp. BrE), heavy, not-so-subtle (esp. AmE), obvious, strong

He gave a broad hint that he was on the verge of leaving.

gentle, little, subtle, vague
dark (esp. BrE)

There were early hints that their marriage might be in trouble.

drop, give (sb)

I dropped a few subtle hints about the payment being due.

catch (AmE), get, take

OK, I get the hint!

Can't you take a hint and leave me alone?

hint about
hint from

a hint from my boss about my absences from the office

hint to

Is that a hint to me to leave?

2 small amount of sth

a dish with a strong hint of garlic

barest, faint, little, merest, slightest, small, tiny

The slightest hint of gossip upset her.


She felt the first hint of panic as the train pulled into the station.

detect, notice, sense

Do I detect a hint of jealousy in your voice?


He showed not a hint of remorse.

betray, reveal

Her voice betrayed a hint of uneasiness.

hint of

There was a hint of amusement in his voice.

at the first hint of sth

At the first hint of trouble I'll call the police.

3 piece of advice
handy, helpful, practical, useful
give (sb), offer (sb)
hint about

The book gives some useful hints about how to plan your garden.

hint on

a book full of handy hints on painting

broadly, heavily (esp. BrE), strongly

He hinted strongly that he would be resigning soon.


She hinted darkly that all was not well.


She even hinted that she might resign.

merely, only

The problems are only hinted at in the report.

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