1 the past, esp. as a subject of study
contemporary, early, recent

the early history of the trade union movement

things that happened in recent history

ancient, medieval, modern
American, British, world, etc.

the official history of the university


The debate about the origins of the universe has been going on throughout recorded history.


Oral history provides an account of those aspects of people's experience that are not recorded in documents.

art, church, cultural, economic, literary, military, political, social, etc.
environmental (esp. AmE), evolutionary, geologic (AmE), geological

They had an affair once, but that's past history now (= no longer important or relevant).


She created a piece of history by winning her fourth title.

be steeped in

a building that is steeped in history

go down in, make, pass into

He will go down in history as a wise adviser and a kind man.

He made history by being the first man to walk on the moon.

fade into

The war has now faded into history.


The regiment traces its history back to 1803.

chronicle, document, write
recount, relate, tell
distort, rewrite

her attempt to rewrite history with herself in the role of heroine

go back to sth

The town's history goes back to colonial times.

go back … 

The history of this organization goes back many years.

reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth, teach sth, tell sth

History shows that high approval ratings are no guarantee of re-election.

History teaches us that New Zealand teams are almost unbeatable on their own turf.

repeat itself

Years later, family history repeated itself with Eve's daughters.

book (figurative)

She has earned her place in the history books.

during sth's history

The country has suffered several invasions during its history.

in (sth's) history

the most extraordinary meeting in history

the best player in the sport's history

history of

the history of the world

She studies history of art.

throughout history

There have been conflicts such as this throughout history.

change the course of history

events that could change the course of history

a period of history

This is a fascinating period of history.

the lessons of history (figurative)
the rest is history (= the rest of the story does not need to be told because it is well known)
a sense of history

a people with no sense of history

a slice of history

The team grabbed a slice of history here today (= achieved sth that will be remembered).

2 facts about sb/sth's life/existence in the past
chequered/checkered, colourful/colorful, fascinating, interesting, rich, turbulent

The city has a rich and fascinating history.


She has a long history of mental illness.

previous, subsequent

She familiarized herself with the case history of her new patient.

credit, employment, family, life, medical, personal, sexual

The doctor will need some details of your medical history.

I know nothing about his personal history.


They have a history of trying to interfere.

history of

a history of heart disease in the family

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