1 discussion
bitter, heated, violent

I had a big argument with my mother this morning.

little, petty, pointless, silly, stupid
become involved in, get into, get involved in, have

I don't want to get into an argument with her.

cause, provoke, start
lose, win

I was determined to win the argument.


Jory was always the one who settled arguments between us.

arise, break out, develop, erupt

Minutes later a violent argument erupted.


He felt offended by the suggestion, and a violent argument ensued.


the bitter arguments raging about who was the real winner

argument about

We had an argument about what we should buy.

argument between

an argument between her parents

argument over

The argument over decentralization will probably continue for ever.

argument with

an argument with his wife

brook no argument

‘You'll come home with me.’ His voice brooked no argument.

2 reason supporting opinion
basic, general
central, main

In her closing argument, the prosecutor said that the hairs found on the defendant matched those of the victim.

forceful, good, major, powerful, sound, strong, valid
cogent, compelling, conclusive, convincing, persuasive

There is a convincing argument for the Federal Government to take greater responsibility for cities.

The author makes a compelling argument for the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

credible, plausible

Their argument sounds plausible, but is it really valid?

substantive (formal, esp. AmE)
bogus, fallacious (formal), slippery-slope (AmE), specious (formal), spurious, weak
legitimate, reasonable
logical, rational, reasoned, well-reasoned
economic, legal, moral, philosophical, political, theoretical, etc.
advance, deploy, make, mount, offer, present, put forward, use

He put forward some very convincing arguments.


This argument is developed further in the next chapter.

build, construct, formulate, frame

the language used to frame the legal arguments

reiterate, repeat
bolster, buttress, illustrate, reinforce, strengthen, support, underline

Do you have any evidence to support your argument?

consider, hear, listen to

I'll briefly address each argument.

accept, agree with
dismiss, reject

The company dismissed his arguments as alarmist.

counter, discredit, rebut, refute

She tried to think how to refute the argument on moral grounds.

demolish, undercut, undermine, weaken

This argument can be applied to other contexts.

be based on sth

The government's argument is always based on how much such a plan would cost.

depend on sth, rely on sth, rest on sth, revolve around sth
boil down to sth

As I see it, his argument boils down to a combination of two basic points.

go, run

Centralized government, so the argument goes, is too far removed from the problems of ordinary citizens.

apply (to sth)

The same argument applies to adoption.

justify sth
support sth
imply sth, suggest sth

These arguments suggest that the medical establishment had an interest in suppressing the research.

show sth
assume sth
argument against

the arguments against lowering taxes

argument concerning

arguments concerning the nature of morality

argument for

There is a very good argument for increasing spending.

argument in favour/favor of

What are the arguments in favour/favor of change?

all sides of an argument, both sides of an argument

He was able to see both sides of the argument.

a flaw in the argument

I can see no flaw in your argument.

a line of argument

I can see a few problems with this line of argument.

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