(BrE) (AmE honor) noun
1 sth that makes you feel proud
great, rare, special, tremendous

Eastlake Studio received top honours in the interior design category.


Max was given the dubious honour of organizing the children's party.


I had the rare honour of being allowed into the artist's studio.

do sb (formal), give sb

Will you do me the honour of dining with me?


He shared the honour of being the season's top scorer with Andy Cole.

2 great respect
in sb's honour

They organized a party in his honour.

a guard of honour (esp. BrE)

The coffin was accompanied by a guard of honour.

(the) guest of honour

The president was guest of honour at the society's banquet.

a lap of honour (esp. BrE)

The crowd cheered while the athletes ran their lap of honour.

a mark of honour

They stood in silence as a mark of honour to the drowned sailors.

the place of honour, the seat of honour
a roll of honour (BrE) (honor roll in AmE)

The school's roll of honour lists everyone killed in the war.

She was on the honour roll every semester of high school.

I never made the honour roll.

3 good reputation
family, national, personal

He was now satisfied that the family honour had been restored.

defend, fight for, preserve, save, uphold

She felt she had to defend the honour of her profession.

bring, do

This biography does great honour to the poet's achievements.

She brought honour to her country as an Olympic medal-winner.

be at stake

National honour is at stake in this game.

code, system

honour code violations

on your honour (old-fashioned)

I swear on my honour (= very seriously) that I knew nothing about this.

with honour

The prime minister sought an agreement that would bring peace with honour.

without honour

a man without honour

a badge of honour

He saw his injuries as a badge of honour.

a code of honour

The secret society had a strong code of honour.

a man of honour
a matter of honour, a point of honour

It is a matter of honour to keep our standards as high as possible.

a sense of honour
sb's word of honour

I give you my word of honour I will not forget what I owe you.

4 award, official title, etc.
full honours, high, major, top

the stars who took top honours at the MTV Awards

television's highest honour

academic, battle, civilian, military, political
award (sb), bestow, confer, give sb

The Order of Merit is the highest civilian honour that can be conferred on someone.

accept, pick up, receive, scoop (BrE), take, win

She has confirmed that she will accept the honour of a peerage.

It was the British who took the honours at last night's Oscars.

list, system (both in the UK)

He was made a life peer in the New Year's honours list.

with full military honours

He was buried with full military honours.

5 honours/honors in education
combined, joint (both BrE)
first-class, second-class (both BrE)
class (AmE), course (BrE), degree, program (AmE)

He's in the third year of his honours course.

I took an honours class in English.

graduate, student
honour in

She earned a bachelor's degree with honours in English.

joint honours in mathematics and statistics

with honour

She holds an MBA with honours from the University of California, Los Angeles.

He passed with second-class honours.

Honour/honor is used with these nouns as the object: ↑cheque

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