big, large
little, small
250-room, etc.
cheap, expensive
five-star, four-star, etc.
beautiful, comfortable, de luxe, elegant, excellent, fancy (esp. AmE), fine, first-class, good, grand, luxurious, luxury, nice, pleasant (esp. BrE), posh (esp. BrE), quality (esp. BrE), smart (esp. AmE), top

all the style and comfort that only the best hotels can provide

It was a luxury hotel with its own swimming pool and restaurant.

old, traditional
friendly (BrE)
family-friendly, gay-friendly, pet-friendly, etc.
family, family-run (esp. BrE)

a family hotel with a playground for small children

a friendly family-run hotel

independent, private
country (esp. BrE), country-house (BrE)

a small country hotel

holiday (BrE), resort, tourist
beachfront (esp. AmE), seafront (BrE), seaside (esp. BrE)
local, nearby
stay at, stay in

We're staying at a cheap hotel near the train station.

book in at (BrE), book into (esp. BrE), check in at, check in into

We checked into the hotel, then went for a walk along the beachfront.

check out of
manage, run
be located, be situated

The hotel is situated in the heart of the city.

boast sth, feature sth, have sth, offer sth, provide sth

The hotel features a beautiful dining room overlooking the lake.

The hotel offers excellent facilities.

accommodation (BrE), accommodations (AmE), bedroom, room, suite
bar, restaurant
foyer, lobby
manager, owner, worker
management, staff
chain, group
at a/the hotel

We met at the hotel.

in a/the hotel

We're staying in a hotel near the beach.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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