1 plan/suggestion
bright, brilliant, clever, excellent, good, great, marvellous/marvelous, nice, wonderful
valuable, worthwhile
exciting, interesting, stimulating
constructive, positive
creative, imaginative, innovative, novel, original

The latest big idea is to get women more interested in soccer.


Family therapy is used as an alternative idea to medication.

fresh, new
absurd, bad, mistaken, ridiculous, stupid
crackpot, crazy, mad, outlandish, wild
ambitious, big, grand

He joined the company as an office assistant with big ideas.


The basic idea is that we all meet up in London.


I think the whole idea is ridiculous.


Do you have any ideas for a present for Lara?

come up with, dream up, hit on, hit upon, produce, think up
draw, get

Her ideas are drawn mainly from Chinese art.

contribute, offer
moot (formal, esp. BrE), propose, put forward, suggest
promote, push, push forward, sell

They managed to push the idea of expanding through the committee.


Most employees welcome the idea of a ban on smoking.

consider, entertain, flirt with, toy with

I'm toying with the idea of leaving my job.

mull over, turn over

He kept turning the idea of resigning over in his mind.

encourage, generate

Brainstorming is a good way of generating ideas.

reject, scoff at, veto
test, try, try out
bounce around, bounce off sb, brainstorm, discuss, explore, talk about

I met up with a designer to bounce a few ideas around.

It's useful to have someone to bounce ideas off.

exchange, pool, share
give sb

What gave you the idea to go freelance?

apply, implement, put into action, put into practice, take up

The idea had long been mooted but nothing had been done to put it into practice.

transform, translate

How could we translate the idea into business reality?


She accused the company of stealing her idea.


She always tries to impose her own ideas on the rest of the team.

come into sb's brain, come into sb's head, come into sb's mind, come to sb, flash through sb's brain, flash through sb's mind, hit sb, occur to sb, pop into sb's head, strike sb

The idea for the invention came to him in the bath.

emerge, evolve, form, grow

An idea began to form in his mind.


His ideas flowed faster than he could express them.

come from sb/sth, date back from sth, date back to sth, originate, start, stem from sth

The idea for the Olympics originated with Pierre de Coubertin.

work, work out

That idea didn't work out so well.


The idea eventually led to the invention of the telephone.

come to nothing
idea about

I have an idea about how to tackle the problem.

idea for

We were asked to suggest ideas for improving efficiency.

idea of

She had the idea of advertising on the Internet.

be open to ideas

I don't know what to do, but I'm open to ideas.

the germ of an idea

The germ of his idea came from watching a bird make a nest.

have other ideas

I wanted to take the week off, but my boss had other ideas.

have the right idea

The party had the right idea, but failed to win over the voters.

it might be an idea

It might be an idea to leave a note on the door for Marcos.

2 thought/impression
clear, concrete, precise
basic, general, rough, vague

He gave me a rough idea of what was wanted.

central, key, main

The book introduces the key ideas of sociology.

definite, firm, strong

She has very definite ideas about what kind of a job she wants.

complex, difficult
simple, simplistic

The movie is based on a simple idea, but a powerful one.

radical, revolutionary
erroneous, false, wrong

I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about me.

funny, strange

People have a romantic idea of the police force.

not the faintest, not the foggiest, not the slightest (all informal)

I haven't the faintest idea what she meant.

artistic, economic, intellectual, moral, musical, philosophical, political, scientific
feminist, nationalist, socialist, etc.

They got the idea that we would be paying for them.

You'll soon get the idea (= understand).

espouse, have, hold

He holds very different ideas to mine about discipline.

develop, form, shape

the experiences that shaped her ideas

communicate, convey, get across, get over, present, promote, put out there (AmE)

It was a struggle to get our ideas across.

I wanted to put the idea out there.

demonstrate, explain, expound, illustrate
clarify, formalize, formulate, organize, structure

Give careful thought to how to structure your ideas in the essay.

reinforce, support
change, reconsider, revise

They had to reconsider their ideas in the light of new evidence.

accept, embrace, take up
dismiss, reject

These photographs challenge conventional ideas of beauty.


I hope he's not still harbouring/harboring ideas about asking me out.

be obsessed with

He's obsessed with the idea of getting a motorcycle.


I don't relish the idea of sharing an office with Tony.

amuse sb, appeal to sb, please sb

The idea of going to his rescue amused her.

catch on, take hold, take off

Some people started recycling, and the idea caught on.

idea about

She has some funny ideas about how to motivate staff.

idea behind

The idea behind the ceremony is to keep the gods happy to ensure a good crop.

idea of

Swimming in an icy river is not my idea of fun.

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