assumed, false

He was discovered living under an assumed identity in South America.


This is obviously a case of mistaken identity.


They didn't reveal her secret identity to her family members.


the use of a stolen identity in the commission of a crime

distinct, distinctive, individual, personal, separate, unique

These populations have managed to maintain distinct identities.

collective, common, communal, shared
dual, multiple

Shanghai itself has multiple identities.

civic, class, corporate, cultural, national, political, professional, regional, religious, sexual, social
Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, etc.
black, ethnic, racial

the struggle for black identity

American, Asian, etc.
female, feminine, gender, male, masculine
gay, homosexual, lesbian

the shared genetic identity of identical twins


the ability to maintain a strong brand identity

build, construct, create, define, determine, develop, establish, find, forge, form, shape

They are still struggling to establish their identity as a political party.

The company forged its own identity by producing specialist vehicles.

give sb/sth

He felt that having a job gave him an identity.

affirm, assert, express

the way in which African American writers have asserted their identity


It is crucial that she reclaim her identity and confirm where she belongs.


an ethnic identity based on their common national ancestry


They share a collective identity, united by an independent spirit.

keep, maintain, preserve, retain

Many minority groups are struggling to maintain their cultural identity.


He changed his identity on his release from prison.

adopt, assume, take on

The company adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo.

She was given a false passport and assumed a new identity.

disclose, expose, leak, reveal

Someone in the administration leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent.

He refused to reveal the identity of his client.

determine, discover, find out, learn, uncover

Determining the identity of the killer will take all his considerable skills.


It was easy to guess the identity of the thief.


It is important to know the identity and nature of the enemy.

confirm, verify

The system will verify the identity of incoming visitors.

conceal, disguise, hide, keep secret, mask, protect

Her voice was disguised to conceal her identity.


His identity was stolen and used to purchase goods from a catalogue.

bracelet, tag
card, documents, papers
parade (BrE)

The victim picked out her attacker in an identity parade.

fraud, theft

credit-card identity theft


The technology is typically used for identity verification.

confusion, crisis, issue

The country suffered from an identity crisis for years after the civil war.

He had not resolved his identity issue.

politics (esp. AmE)

the identity politics of gender or race

development, formation (both esp. AmE)

the importance of family history within identity formation

identity as

Scotland has never lost its identity as a separate nation.

identity between

the stylistic identity between the first text and the others

proof of identity

The police officer asked him for proof of identity.

a search for identity

His search for his cultural identity took him to where his parents were born.

a sense of identity

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