dangerous, extreme, huge, massive, serious, severe

dangerous imbalances in potassium and other body chemicals

global, regional (esp. BrE)
economic, financial, fiscal, gender, power, racial, trade
chemical, hormonal, hormone, thyroid

The patient had long shown signs of mental imbalance.


Can he resolve the structural imbalance of the deficit?

cause, create

A higher dollar will only exacerbate the trade imbalance.


Vigorous action is needed to address global imbalances.

correct, rectify, redress, reduce

Increased recruitment of women engineers will help correct the gender imbalance in the profession.


the large trade imbalances now existing between Europe and the US

cause sth

Chemical imbalances actually cause the sleep disturbances.

imbalance between

an imbalance between imports and exports

imbalance in

An imbalance in certain chemicals leads to disturbances in the brain's function.

imbalance of

an imbalance of power or authority

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