big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, major, marked, massive, material, radical, remarkable, significant, substantial, tremendous, vast

The players have shown a marked improvement in recent weeks.

We expect to see a significant improvement in the near future.

marginal, minor, modest, slight, small

The latest figures are a slight improvement over last year's results.

notable, noticeable, obvious, visible
actual, definite, distinct, genuine, real, tangible
dramatic, drastic, rapid, sharp
gradual, incremental, steady
constant, continual, continued, continuing, continuous, ongoing, progressive, sustained
all-round (BrE), general, overall
important, notable
much-needed, necessary
welcome (esp. BrE)
useful (esp. BrE)
desired (esp. AmE), expected

The suggested improvements were not carried out.

possible, potential
economic, educational, environmental, health, safety, social
efficiency, organizational (esp. AmE), performance, productivity, quality, service (esp. BrE), technical, technological
agricultural, land
ground (= stadium) (BrE), housing (esp. BrE), school

The club will spend £300 000 on ground improvements.

infrastructure, rail (BrE), road, transport (BrE), transportation (AmE)
be, constitute, reflect, represent

The country's economic record since 1945 represents an improvement on the period between the world wars.

demonstrate, exhibit, indicate, show

Exports have showed some improvement.


Will the team be able to maintain its improvement of last season?

need, require
carry out, effect, make

He made a steady improvement and was released within 10 days of admission.

deliver, lead to, offer, produce, provide, result in, yield

The drug produced an improvement in all but one case.

achieve, bring (about), secure (esp. BrE)

steps taken to secure improvement in students' attendance

call for, demand
recommend, suggest
encourage, promote
announce (esp. BrE), report

Wholesalers reported an improvement in sales for the third quarter.

note, notice, observe, see, witness

With this exercise plan you will notice an enormous improvement in your stamina.


The economy has experienced steady improvement.


No improvement was found after the tenth day of treatment.

occur, take place
result from sth
include sth
initiative, plan, programme/program, project, scheme (BrE), strategy

We have an ambitious improvement plan for the property.

The proposed road improvement scheme involves bypassing several towns.

efforts, work (esp. BrE)

The improvement work to houses will create jobs.

improvement in

The new factory brought a huge improvement in working conditions.

improvement on, improvement over, improvement upon

These results are a distinct improvement on last year's.

improvement to

Several improvements were made to the design during its production run.

an area for improvement, an area of improvement

The new assessment system could pinpoint areas for improvement within the company.

room for improvement, scope for improvement

Their average grades have risen, but there is still room for improvement.

signs of improvement

The economy is showing signs of improvement.

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